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Little Fighter 2.5 Sprite Problem
Thnx man!
It works :O
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hey, sorry for posting that late but i could NOT fix this bug. Could you eventually upload your lf2.5 so i can load it?

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There is a way, for example when you are going to the left, change the order of the sprites are just a simple trick you do not need much just a "paint" xD put the sprites filed davis running, put the folder sprites \ sys \ davis and then test if all goes well in all outtas make sprites to work


The secret ta these images, simple trick to avoid this error but leaves the heavier image.
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did you turned the sprites left after copying it
and then if you have turned did you named it right


Need more ppl who can sprite backgrounds and weapons
Our TLOK Mod Site:
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It's the way for those who have no way to leave the LF2 2.0a vesão in XP
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(06-14-2011, 02:12 PM)empirefantasy Wrote:  
(06-14-2011, 02:08 PM)IgineX Wrote:  P.S.
I mirrored all sprites, but that won't worked..

Because you need lf2 v2.0a

LF2v2.0a use mirror sprites to work.So you should use v2.0a to play ;).

So you have mirror sprites,now copy LF2v2.0a.exe and paste it at folder where is lf2.5.exe .Then run LF2v2.0a.exe and you are done;)

That doesn't work for me, I really want to fix this problem, is there any other way? :(
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