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Character: making new lf2 character (Skate-SkateEX)
there no learning if he doesnt do anything

keep going - but do more by yourself
not just plannig what he will be capable of - but also editing more of deenis' sprite sheet to turn him into this

and less posting random conversations and discussions about what you or others can do and what not
Thanks given by: Bupkis
What he's basically saying is that unless you're really good at DCing and/or spriting you shouldn't make your own character like this yet. From reading the above posts, it looks like you can do some DCing, but you can't sprite. If that's the case, we're pretty much in the same boat, lol. xD
Anyways, you should do what I did, before I made my own character, I messed around with the already existing characters like Deep and Davis and started switching their moves around and modifying them until I understood pretty much everything I needed to to be able to handle making my own character. And during this I was using the main-site tutorials and referrences constantly to help me out, and they did BIG time.

Try makin' a few little test characters first, and see how they turn out. Then when one of them turns out exactly the way you want it to, go to full scale and make your character then. :D

But in the end, it's completely up to you, man. :)
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i need sprites regarding to the data im making
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(07-15-2011, 03:24 PM)Evan Izaak Wrote:  i need sprites regarding to the data im making

Then, for the sake of inner peace, create the sprites yourself. I'm getting sick of those posts, really. If you don't know how to create sprites and/or how to datachange, then how do you expect to get ANYTHING done in regards to LF2? And no, I don't want to have an answer to this post, I want to see progress.
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@bluenix how destructive xD
i can understand both sides but evan dont u think its just naturally that ur not the first one with an project?
i know how u can get hyped up over a something and impatients is just normal but usually shldnt u be thinking of everything and then post it? if its an exam u wouldnt do that either ^^ we the whole forum or at least those who r interested or active in the project section judge everything of u and idk how u r but im easy emberassed by small things =p but not thinking of a crucial factor? =o

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well i guess i need big help
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I literally lol'ed at this screen shot in the first post
[Image: e96j3p.jpg]
What is it supposed to show? ROFL!

it seems you already made a spirit bomb thing..
here's my crappy one you asked for
it's hideous - so don't click to view. (Click to View)
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i need 2 spirit bombs
thanks though do i need data for this or not
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(07-19-2011, 10:16 PM)Evan Izaak Wrote:  thanks though do i need data for this or not

dude don't start making a character if you know nothing or if you can't modify anything.First you must know how the system of editing work.I mean sprites and dat files.Without knowing that don't start making a character.

First go DC tutorial forum and mainsite too and learn from there base stuffs.Then go to learn about making sprites.
Perhaps somebody may help you in some DC if your sprites are very good,but you have to know how modifying characters work.

Without doing these acts your character will be only in your head and not in the game.

To know how to present it to us,just take a look in releases forum and you will see how others had did it.And read this too, click me.

~Good luck with learning how to modify characters

sb means somebody.Ok,i changed it.
Thanks given by: Bupkis
ok thanks a what is whats sb, whats sb
ok i'll try doing my lf2 character in lf2
ok learn something thanks

does anybody here wants me to change my rage kill D^J move
D^J rage kill takes amount of health to 25% n can only kill one character
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