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Character: making new lf2 character (Skate-SkateEX)
First of all: Nice screenshot! (In last spoiler)

(07-19-2011, 11:06 PM)Evan Izaak Wrote:  does anybody here wants me to change my rage kill D^J move
D^J rage kill takes amount of health to 25% n can only kill one character
I guess, that's a request to make that attack, not to change it?

Second: Almost every guy in this topic said you to start working by yourself, you can't lay on our skills. There are tutorials for data changing, so you can start making your own character. At first try to remake davis, or dennis, or whoever else and then try to make your own character. Try to add some new attacks to already existing characters.

If that doesn't work try making rage suicide instead of kill.

By the way: Nice signature. Pretty interesting userbar - I didn't know that u are a spriter and a duck.

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well im not a spriter just a duck
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(07-29-2011, 06:42 PM)Evan Izaak Wrote:  well im not a spriter just a duck

actually the only duck in these here forums is Alectric.. and he'll have your head if you say otherwise.
or so i think.

Alectric edited this post 07-30-2011 09:31 AM because:
lol im too chilled to restart my head collecting efforts again ;D
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oh i didn't know that one
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lol ... no basic sprite ???
sorry 4 my bad eng
[Image: stand-10_zpse8943b33.gif][Image: walk-11_zps3a4de3e2.gif][Image: att-3_zps48065cd2.gif]

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yup no basic sprite
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is my character overpowered
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No. It's clear and balanced.
How do we know, we can't even play it, you don't even have sprites for it.
And it's gonna probably be overpowered.

By the way: I laughed.
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i'll do this project someother time because idk where to get my sprites and make them dk how to do the hair and the coat u guys tried helping thanks but just dk know hopw to do hair and coat
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Just copy and paste the head - look at dbz mod 3.0
They made android 17 using a ripped head and copy and pasted and rotated it every time for each sprite

And stop being so butt hurt
If you can't do the hair or coat that means the design is too complex for you - and you didn't make it. Make something you can make.

Also - I'm starting to think that you're either like 7 years old or you're a troll.
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