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Bruno [project frozen]
nice but, the sprite's head band or whatever it is should have a rope open I think...
and yeah it's very close to magus of apoc.
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Updated facepic:
[Image: bgfaceoutline2.png]
Working on:
-Punching (DH)
-Usebar (Whaat)
Might be back, might be not :^) anyways awesome to see you guys again!
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something bugs me about the face i think its the eye
i think the eye is too much on the side.

Edit:not the face pic the face of the sprite it self
[Image: 2aGKf.png]

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the head is still way too small
looks like you just have a face on that neck

maybe take bandits head as a reference - it doesnt have any distracting hair either
Thanks given by: Ariel
Yinyin thanks ill try what u say with bandit ;)

here is the first punch please tell me what u think of it :)
[Image: ienzmyzdq1tx.gif]
the animation isnt very kewl but look at the sprites at the end :D
[Image: p45mycA.png]
Thanks given by: Bamboori , betitngoan
Redrew from Mark.
Nothing special actually, even if pretty shaded.
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I think it's nice - but in the animation you forgot the last frame ;)

Also I copy people's attacks all the time considering I use them as bases and I suck at free-spriting.. I do it occasionally for attacks for vegeta and a little of krillin cause i can't find what I'm looking for.. then the legs become too long lol
anyways enough about me..

I also agree that the eye is way to far to the left in his standing and walking faces.
seems fine in the punching doe.
Thanks given by: Ariel , Bamboori
while i was daydreaming i got the idea for a superb attack for him =p
Desertation: it does the same thing to the enemys what it did to his hair! xD

well, i c some projects starting nowadays and i rlly like those =p
to the animation: i can imagine some kind of projectiles he is punching so no last frame mayb? cant think of any helpful LR attacks for sand/desert type =p
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Nice job with the punching frames, i really liked that scarf movement. And remember to make the other punch too ;) i already have idea for super_punch so don't make it before i get back.
I also have two move ideas, already thinking about the data :/
Might be back, might be not :^) anyways awesome to see you guys again!
Thanks given by: Ariel
[Image: bruno_punchs___animation_by_arieltw1-d426b01.gif]
done the basics punchs! :D
is there somthing to fix? :)
[Image: p45mycA.png]
Thanks given by: betitngoan

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