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Wolverine! [X-men]
His right arm seems to be okay now but his left arm doesn't, it just moves forward and back, it doesn't rotate at all.
Might be back, might be not :^) anyways awesome to see you guys again!
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ok so should i just make it rotated?
or keep that back forth movement?
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Ummm if it moves back and forth then it looks like his shoulder is disolocated and swaying around - so ye you should rotate it so his shoulder has its pivotness at the round bone thing or w.e
(I don't know much about anatomy lol)
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with that fast breathing gif he looks like try to fly up
Troll mode activated TwistedDemonEvil
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It is a nice creation indeed but you will have to make some necessary changes in him.His breathing is very fast you'll have to make it normal.I really need to say Good job dude!
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Its just a gif. The breathing is obviously different in game.
Also I have a suggestion.
Claws in version and claws out version - if you want to though.
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Yeah I had that claw and no claw idea too...
but first I want to complete this one.
BTW Thanks Bash!
@coolansh and monolith
just as bash said I will control the speed in DC.
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The breathing frame.
He doesn't look like breathing, he looks like as if he's exercising.
You didn't make the arms go up and down.
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~Thank You All and Farewell
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With the breathing frames, enlarge the picture to twice the size of the original before adding extra pixels on, then reduce it to half the size so that it looks more 'natural' as it were. This should help stop the massive amounts of juttering that your character seems to do when breathing.

Also with the walking, the shoulders seem to come out more rather than them rotate and such. What you should do is leave the arms where they were (not extending them out) and get them to rotate forwards about the shoulder rather then have them come out further and further. Otherwise it looks very awkward as most of the posts have pointed out.

Other than that, good work my friend. Hope that I see more progress next time I come online eh?

One day, I shall become, TUTORIAL-MAN: Superhero of writing overly long, overly annoying tutorials which most people probably won't read, but will give it a stab at the first 5 lines!
Thanks given by: Sonic Boom
Thanks for the tip!
[Image: 37Yar.gif]
Help me to fix his left arm which gets dislocated at one frame...
can't fix it on my own. :D
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