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Wolverine! [X-men]
Better, but maybe try not to move his left arm but just rotate, if you do this with right arm too.
Thanks given by: betitngoan , Sonic Boom
now thats an awesome character! ill be awayting it in eager :D

also i agree with gad
Thanks given by: betitngoan , Sonic Boom
Here's the tip about rotating...

Move the pivot point from the middle of the selection up to his shoulder.
That little circle should be at his shoulder ;)
That way all rotations move his arm around naturally and no noving to fix it later is required.
To re-iterate. PIVOT POINT!
Thanks given by: Sonic Boom
Wolverine is a very fascinating character that you have made.I will be looking forward for many more sprites like that from you!
Very well made!
Thanks given by: Sonic Boom
Thanks Guys!
I will really work hard for this char...
I will be posting the new walking tomorrow as my laptop is just too slow and is not having any GIMP or PS...
Thanks given by:
in the walking sprite it seems as if his brain is making a lump on his head move vigorously up and down
please try to fix that
[Image: Blaze340.gif]
Thanks given by: betitngoan
[Image: KkqW1.gif] First Punch 1.
[Image: UVkr8.gif] First Punch 2.
Tell me the better one...
and tell me if I can improve them more...
Thanks to: Bash, Bob, Mundvoll_, DH!
Thanks given by:
add some motion blur (speed smears) to the 2nd punching and it will be fine with me.
"I'm the president of the shadow government
The grand governor of the federal reserve
Public enemy of the society
The one you cannot see the thirty three degree"
Thanks given by: Sonic Boom
can you tell me how?
and here is quick fix for punching 2...
[Image: HheJe.gif]
Thanks given by:
In the 1st punch his claws are super small, they should be longer.
Might be back, might be not :^) anyways awesome to see you guys again!
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