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LF2 fan theories
I thought we could discuss some theories and other aspects of LF2 in here.
i have had this one theory about jack & justin for as long as i can remember, i think we even discussed it once on the IRC chat but nothing with much details, so it would be interesting to hear your thoughts and opinions about it and maybe even share some theories of your own.

Jack is Justin ~ Pf (Click to View)
Firzen is Julian ~ mono (Click to View)
Crimson stone in john amulet, louis armor ~ YinYin (Click to View)
Little fighters have a master ~ STM1993 (Click to View)
Julian is Davis ~ T@I (Click to View)
the link between John and Jan ~ Lutichris (Click to View)
Jason-Dennis-Julian & signs of demonic corruption ~ STM1993 (Click to View)
Relation between characters ~ T@I (Click to View)

ideas and thoughts are welcome of course, and in case anyone has a theory of their own please do share ;)
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Ah, the word theories usually describes to games that are developed by huge studios. I don't think this has any speciality in it. Also, if we make certain characters, most things are similar. So why not say that they are same and let's apply a theory! :p
(well dont take this as an offense, just my opinion)
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Same idea have been in my head from the time when I learned about LF2 game (6-7 years ago).

Also, I have another theory about Julian and Firzen.

Julian is evil side of the Firzen. Let's say that when evil side gets separated it becomes darker, because its evil, and gets a mask covering its face. Like in Bleach anime about hollows.

They are mirror images of each other. Like in the mirror, they say that you can see monster inside yourself.
[Image: mFJ7lvj.png]
//ear shapes

Like PF have said about attacks being different yet the same. Its same with this one. They look different and the same. Firzen is using shield to hide himself because his counter punch would not be powerful enough to knock the attacker. He relies more the defence. His attacks intend to defend more than attack. What I see in his explosion is that the explosion freezes enemy and stops them but also because of Firen mixture, it spawns some fire balls and attacks.Same about his final flash like wave. It uses energy to spawn weak energy waves but many of them to keep someone from attacking, not to attack.
Julian relies more on offensive power. Look at his defending arm. Its just showing that he is defending but his other arm says " I will punch you right after you fail attacking". As his explosion, it sends enemy away like the
real explosion. His kamehame like energy ball destroys everything in his way.
[Image: e1EJKJT.png]

Both have 4 frames for two punches together  
[Image: Nxz2wtb.png]
Notice how one goes up and another goes down and Firzen changes its facial expression? Same with Julians eyes, it starts glowing.

Jump attack.
It explains the same thing with mirror image.
[Image: HJLlrhe.png]

Both have 3 Images (I found 3 images for CHARGING) and how they release their explosions?
Look how Firzen looks like trying to defend himself and yet to charge some energy. Why I said defend. Its because he is worried that he might not pull that explosion off. When he release his explosive power, yes Firen have same way of doing but Firzen is doing it because he is trying to defend. Like making a barier when he waves with his arms after explosion is done. His face expression. Look at it. His eyes are closed and we can see his teeths. He is trying hard. And when you are trying hard to do something? You do exact same expression. When you try to lift something, hold something heavy. Your face muscles forces you to make this expression because they also gets some pressure.
sure.You do not feel confident enough and you close your eyes or "bite" your teeths because you are scare of the result which might be bad if you wont pull this off.
Julians case is different. He is confident. He has the power to attack, he cares more about atk than def. He knows that he will pull this of and as a result he leaves himself wide open. This is actualy a good strategy to leave yourself open when you charging energy so your enemys would come closer and you could destroy them. We cannot see his facial expression but we can see that his pose. His pose is like the ruling person would have. Arms raised up (yes, his attack goes up) saying "I am the king, I am the master, I am the powerful one here" He might be anger but he is showing that he is more powerfull being than you.
[Image: TZDyESR.png]

Same goes with good and evil. Good always fights back but it also have a mission to defend. Good is weaker but in the end it still beats evil. Bad side is always more confident and wants to destroy weaker and rule the world because he is more powerful but that makes him loose because he forgets about everything else and depends only on firepower.

Or Julian and Justin came from another dimension. It can be another universe where Firzen was born bad because Firen and Freeze could not control new powers from fusing together. Or its just human like creatures created from the evil energy. Since there cannot be two exact same things existing in one world (this might apply to doppelgangers)

PF, this is good topic :)

I this quote "but hey it's just a theory" - Matt Patt

As Appendix said, I don't think that the game has hidden lore within the game, except for the basic "You're the good guys, they're the bad guys. Kick their butts". Similarities in desing may be explained by budget limits, as making sprites based on other existing sprites makes it much easier and much faster.
But leave that aside, I want to expand the lore of the game!

I really like this theory. It makes sense. You can also see how Jack is untrained with firing energy blast, as seen in his sprites. You also get to feel that through gameplay: It takes for him a lot of time to cast and fire the blasts, and in order to rapidly fire again, instead of just pressing A again - Like Davis and Dennis do - you need to press the whole combination again (D>A); As Justing, he gave up the range and the rapidfire for short range shots and consistent-yet-a-bit-slower cast speed of his energy blasts.
I won't related to the kick/punch point, as you summed it up well enough.

Other theories/speculations:
* Why didn't the creators list certain move sets for some characters? I'm talking about Knight's D>A, Bat's DVA from grabbing and LouisEX's J from grabbing. Those moves are listed in their data files, but not in the move set. Maybe those are leftovers and they forgot to remove them out of the game?
* Why did Jan and Monk appeared the least as enemies in Stage Mode? (Jan appear in 4-4 and 5-1, and Monk appeared only on 5-1)
* In my forum, users speculated that Knights are actually Makrs wearing armors, As you see Mark for the last time at the 2nd phase of Stage 5-2.

* Same users speculated that Davis and Julian have a connection, perhaps they're even the same person!
- Both have a slight resemblance in appearance, especially in the hair: both have a brown and spiky hair, with Julian's just being longer. Also, both have ears.
- Both share a light resemblance in some of their movements. I'll start with their upper-cuts:
For some reason, Davis' Dragon-Punch glows while Julian's Upper-Cut doesn't. I suspect that the Dragon Punch is pure and holy, so when Davis bacame cottupted, the soul of the dragon (or something like that I don't know...) left him. So he still knows how to do the trick, but without the soul of the dragon (or something like that I don't know...).
- As for the Energy Blast, Julian's blasts look more like Davis' than Dennis'. Julians blasts are whay more powerful and much faster. That means of course that Julian gained much more power by sacrificing his good side and the soul of the dragon (or something like that I don't know...).
- They also share a similar basic movement: Both Dash attacks deal 80 damage (please conform this) and both move the same when they runattack, but Julian glows and charges his run attack. That might bt the substitue to the soul of the dragon (or something like that I don't know...).
Edit: Julian does look more like Firzen than Davis, bu I still like to think about the Corrupted Hero thing. P:

May I post your theory in my forum? I promise to give you credit and post a link to this post!
[Image: random-34749.png]
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T@l Wrote:As Appendix said, I don't think that the game has hidden lore within the game, except for the basic "You're the good guys, they're the bad guys. Kick their butts". Similarities in desing may be explained by budget limits, as making sprites based on other existing sprites makes it much easier and much faster.
But leave that aside, I want to expand the lore of the game!

well the title might have been misleading in the beginning so i edited it. these are fan theories, nobody knows what was marti thinking or what kind of plan did he have for these character :P so this is why we call them "theories" each member has their own theory or vision on certain aspects of lf2 and we are here to exchange thoughts and ideas :)

Quote:May I post your theory in my forum? I promise to give you credit and post a link to this post!
yeah why not go ahead :)

@Mono very interesting, i love reading such things from others so thanks for sharing :)
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Well, if you accept a full-blown story about what I think LF2's plot is:

It is popular to believe that the 10 main characters are a group of Little Fighters with a master, so that's where we'll begin. My whole LF2 story lies in two key factors:
* Some characters only ever appear in stage 5 and nowhere else - Bat, Justin, Knight and the only enemy Monk in 5-1.
* Cloning is possible - which is why there are multiple copies of hero characters (the regular mooks are generic anyway).

Shortly after coming back from exploring, Bat and the LFs' master (a Monk) would go missing. The LFs set out to look for them, at first believing them kidnapped by the bandits under Mark. The LFs then search the Stanley Prison for them, believing they could be wrongly caught for a crime. That is when they saw their own clones, tipping them off that something was wrong. They recall a legend about Julian and Bat's recent exploration in the same area, so they decide to set off in that direction via the Great Wall.

After beating Louis' clone, they reached the legendary Queen's Island. Unfortunately, Firzen had allied himself with Julian and guarded the entrance to the Forbidden Tower alongside Firen/Freeze clones. Upon arriving in Forbidden Tower, the LFs encountered a clone of their master and defeated him, then freed the original shortly after. That is when the conspiracy is revealed.

Julian had returned. Bat encountered Julian in his travels and was brainwashed into serving Julian, whereupon he would return to kidnap the LFs' master. Using the knowledge the master had of the LFs' fighting styles, Julian was able to create clones of the LFs as part of his army, and also planned to use this to infiltrate the people. Bat had not been cloned because he was caught before Julian learned of the power and was too useful as his right-hand man. Yadda yadda, they knock Bat into his senses, manage to convince a clone of Louis(EX) to join their side, take down a Firzen clone, then finish off Julian.

End of story.

tl;dr: The whole story is the LFs trying to look for their missing Monk master and Bat, and then stumbling onto Julian's conspiracy before he could finish it.
(edit: I realize Louis is a hole in my story though... regular people don't go around wearing plate armor and you only see that in stage 5. Maybe the Forbidden Tower was indeed ruled by Louis, but he left the place on his own while visting the LFs, and Julian took the opportunity to take over in his absence.)
[Image: uMSShyX.png]
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As I said, I agree with your theory, and Stage Mode clears that:
In stage 5, Firzen is the only boss who doesn't join you after his defeat. Instead, he is reanimated as the almighty Julian.

Also, I want to expand about the visuals: You can see that Julian's clothings are torn apart, and Julian being a big creature, it can mean that Firzen transformed into Julian, and Julian being a large creature, is tearin the clothes. Kind like the Hulk. P:
Also, you see that Julian's skin is grey, like a zombie skin. so perhaps Julian is a soul inside the mask? And maybe when he possesses the person who's wearing it, he sucks their energy and soul and taking over their mind? I don't know, it's hard to make theories in English and explain them as it's not my native language. xD
[Image: random-34749.png]
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The thing that everyone knows:-

Firzen is Firen and Freeze. :D
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I just remembered this thread; somewhat related: LF2 backgrounds - real life places
YinYin mentioned mapping out the real places of stage mode and seeing a more or less connected route.
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[Image: ML06T89.gif]

Jan is actually John who is conspiring to become Davis's lover without him knowing.
Although their appearance is vastly different John has been known to be a little extravagant in his wardrobe and is often depicted as sexually frustrated with the same sex. Jan and John both both wear a red pendant and cast magical healing spells and even though she uses an orb instead of wand they could still be linked to one another... maybe they're even the same item!

[Image: l4KGsU1.png]

The little Red pendant around John's neck could tighten up and retract itself close to his neck when he transforms into Jan. Lets also consider the fact that he wears blue. Jan has two versions of herself a blue one and a pink one. Maybe the cloned version is really the pink one (you fight them anyways in stage mode) you also get to free the blue one that's tied up.

Ah but what if we have two of them in the room (John and Jan)?
And the #1 answer to everything in this universe is.... you guessed it. CLONES!

John probably already knows how to cast clones because in Hero Fighter's we see Taylor (a mage) do the exact same thing. So it's possible that John had his clones tied up and was captured by Julian and exploited John's ability on clone-making to build a massive pink army of Jan's. Thus John felt guilty (thinking he was responsible for the whole incident) and vowed never to do clones again. Or so he thinks... it's possible Rudolf could have been a double agent in disguise and shared his knowledge about clone making to begin with. But I digress...

... it may just as well be a theory. A Game Theory!
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