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[remake] Little Fighter Reloaded
(05-22-2015, 12:06 AM)Dragon5 Wrote:  Edit: Anybody knows the default property for a rest if it's unassigned? I know LF2 applies one.
I coulnd't find any information what is the base.
In my 'clone' I made a rule, that if vrest is not specified in frame, it will always set a value that's equal to frames left to the nextframe (wait - frames_passed). Works like a charm ;D.
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(05-22-2015, 12:06 AM)Dragon5 Wrote:  Edit: Anybody knows the default property for a rest if it's unassigned? I know LF2 applies one.
You can use AI to print out unassigned default values.
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Another thing:
Do you realize how does lf2 determine where is 'spark' effect/sprite being spawned at hit?
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I am certain the y-position of the spark is determined by taking half of the itr's h: value. I know that because we use high h: values for itrs to make the hit-spark disappear (go down way beyond the ground, in fact). As for the x-position, I think it uses the x: or the x: + w: value of the bdy (depending on the facings or the direction the attack comes from).
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Ok guys guys. Gravedig.
I'm a little undecided about my main game "Arya" project, so I't frozen for now. And I don't have much time for it.

I was really thinking about bringing this project, lf2 reboot back to work. I'm using Game Maker now and that allows me to work a little quicker than before.

So technically I'd like to keep it as much similiar to lf2 as possible. Ofc some additional options could be added, I can also handle online multiplayer.

I have some questions you may answer or at least try to. I could also use some additional discussion.

Let's get to my concern.

I want to keep movement, friction and launches pretty much the same as in lf2, so untouched original and custom data files could be reused. How does dvx and dvy work in your opinion? I know that it adds some velocity at the beginning of frame and then it fades with the friction. But is this set in pixels/frame or what?
I also have no idea if there are some certain values for friction and falling speed?

I know I could probably check some of these with dirty work watching lf2 gameplay over and over, but I simply don't have much time for that ;D. Maybe you could help me out somehow.


Or maybe I should just redo the basics of engine and make new data concept as simple as possible?
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lf2 physics are actually pretty easy afaik. in my clone tech demo i did some trial and error and pretty much got the lf2 physics done.
now that youre using gamemaker id happily help out with the project :D i think game maker studio has some kind of online coworking setup too.
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Could try referring to this set of documents, though I couldn't find the one for velocity.

Gravity (according to this chinese DC guide):
1.7 for most objects
type4 (baseball) gravity 0.85
type6 (drink) gravity 1.133 (17/15)

As far as I know,
dvx works by setting the minimum velocity in a frame. So if you had frame 1 in dvx20 and then frame2 in dvx10, you'd notice that your character will stay in dvx20 as long as he is in frame 1, and then when he goes to frame 2, his speed will slow down due to friction until he reaches dvx10 (assuming he is still in frame 2). Somehow if you go from positive to negative dvx it'd instead set velocity to the negative dvx, didn't check for positive to negative.

dvy works by acceleration rather than setting a velocity. Don't know further details.

dvz simply determines how much you move on z-axis when you hold ^/v. Probably works by setting z-velocity (definitely NOT acceleration).

If dvx/y/z value is greater than 500, you end up setting the velocity to that number, where 501 is -49, 550 is 0, and so on.

Jumping works by setting y-velocity to the jump value, not by acceleration.

Using state 301 or 19 uses the z-velocity determined by running_speedz unless a dvz value is specifically stated in the frame.
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Nice to have another upcomming mod.

i hope you guys will do it.
i can help you guys with sprites if required.
but why so long delay?plus good that lf2 vers did give you guys a boost :D
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Im sorry, I dont think you have read my posts. This aint a mod. And no new sprites are required. Optionally we could use new GUI, but we will see about that.

Looks like Ill cooperate with Bamboori on this. :)

And thanks STM for these informations. Tho' I dont think that linked documentation can help me understanding basic lf2 physics
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