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Full Version: Vegeta-Sama!
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(06-26-2011, 05:28 PM)prince_freeza Wrote: [ -> ]k, time to say what i have... Right..

As for the look:
normall state looks fine to me no complaints..

Yay! thanks :D

(06-26-2011, 05:28 PM)prince_freeza Wrote: [ -> ]Ssj, heres a trick to make ssj and ssj2 not look a like..
In ssj2 make the hair even spikeyer/more golden than ssj and in addition to the aura add electro bolts around him (just like in the cartoon)

It's not very noticeable but yeah the hair is a bit longer and kind of spikier. And in game it will be more noticeable cause I'll add electricity flying around his body more times than Matt4300 did! :D

(06-26-2011, 05:28 PM)prince_freeza Wrote: [ -> ]majin state.. Idont think its a wise idea to add this state to vegeta.. I mean its not like he goes and sair "thats it am transforming into majin" but that was only a one time thing and it didnt happen by his intention so i wouldnt count it as a trans phase... Unless its a single full char like matt's.

Sure, Majin happened just once, but so did Galick Gun! Vegeta had only used it once against Goku, he just had several different variations of it. I'm thinking of making Majin only possible when You have like 100 HP and 500 MP - if that's possible (it doesn't make you lose 100 HP but rather it can only be attained when your HP is that low).

(06-26-2011, 05:28 PM)prince_freeza Wrote: [ -> ]As for the moves, would every body stor telling what to put for a move, or use all moves.. Vegeta has lots of them.. Just dont make him overpowered (yea i know hes a saiyan) but rather do something like:

-shoot normall blasts
-a fast combo (just like when they fight fast in air with each other)

-a big attack for when in trouble (like big bang or final flash)

-a random attack to manipulate ur enemy such as dirty fire works.

-finally transform..
About the transformations. Dont make them boring like in dbz v0.3... I mean like they transform.. K yippy new look but everything else what concernes attacks,damage,speed is still the same..

So what you can do when doing the data for ssj, increase his running,walking speed and hitting damage and attacks effctivness.. But not alot only by a small bit so there would be an actuall advantage from transforming, and not just a change in looks...

If u ever need templates/bases for attacks just pm me ;) u have my support for this project.. Like the progress so far keep it up!

I'll probably give him many attacks, it's just they won't be overpowered moves. I like doing lots of different skills like I did for Batman haha... and Yeah when he transforms every attack will be stronger in damage. And most attacks will be faster!
And thank you! I'll be sure to ask for some templates when I need them ;) Cause I suck at spriting without a base Shock

[Image: r1IO0.gif]
Super Punch!
Some Updates:
Jump Attack
[Image: Yvarr.gif]
Ki Blasts
[Image: qQnQ6.gif]
Speed may vary in game.

Also you won't see many updates or hear from me in the next few days after this evening.
So you can leave your ideas and suggestions here and I'll get back to you later.

EDIT: just noticed the hands open and close when he's moving them back and forth.. will fix that later.
Very good Jump Attack!
Keep it Up.
And can't wait to play with my favorite dbz char!
Ki blasts look good. I may supply you with good DBZ sound effects if you want. Thats my favourite char too. I like him because of his pride XD.
You may use some of these sounds:
- thanks. Can't wait to release him cause not to get cocky or anything but he's gonna be awesome.

shock - thanks, but I got dbz sound pack so ye and I have no idea what you mean by the jump attack.
Which DBZ sound pack? The one from DBZ LF2?
The dbz sound pack on the interwebs.
SO! I was discharged earlier today! Just got home! :D (chest tube is still in my side (thorax) so i still have hurt pain ones)
Progress will continue slowly.. first gotta catch up on a whole week of YEWCHEWB SUBSCRIPTIONS!

Okay - so here are the potential moves! (Click to View)
So - basically with each transformation your attacks become stronger and faster; however, to balance it out the attacks use up more MP and each stage has less moves to use for variety!

Also an update
the ki blast so far - probably will change it because it's pretty big and not so sexy
[Image: UcF5E.png]

and here is how Galick Gun looks so far
[Image: B69SZ.gif]
[Image: W0bJn.gif]
[Image: w15rD.png]
pretty n00b I know zomg shiii~
I'm also done Vegeta_0.bmp so ye
Nice Moves List!
Really looks like a impressive char!
Keep it up!
Holy Snap! Crackle! and Pop!
I'm done all the basic sprites - yay!
Vegeta_0.bmp (Click to View)
Vegeta_1.bmp (Click to View)
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