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[char] just a little template-mod: templateX
good idea
make only some special picture (you have used one of 0,1 of themlates picture
(make templates with wapons how in rn-lf2)
@ Blue Phoenix:
The ball is good for a "soul bomb" or somthing big strong attacks
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it is supposed to be something strong like a soulbomb^^

@bp: hmm yeah or i make him glow more
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(01-03-2009, 01:36 PM)Bamboori Wrote:  @bp: hmm yeah or i make him glow more

that should be perfectly fine ;)

You could also make something like Julian's col-attack, Template has these positions, too, I think...... Twisted
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So far so good and finally a worthly template mod. Besides the superball is good enough but a little more glow will make it more efficient. All moves of julian is pretty wierd of an idea. Different self created moves look good.
[Image: 6578m8.png]

Join the fun .........

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did a new movement for the superball. when he raises his arms the ball is created.
[Image: 35012059ie4.gif]

because lf2TimmE1 said me per hamachi that the legs should move, i made a little update:
[Image: 43325928fv9.gif]
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Now it definetly looks better.
BTW: It looks like his arm is frozen, maybe you should add freezing effect
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he looks like throwing a baby from a high cliif:|
and... yeah what is that? is he throwing energy to upper side???
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@kururu: test it in game and you'll see it looks better :D

templateX is finished!
Download templateX, a small template-mod, but still a char that got many positive comments before it was finished. Lets hope that there will come even more now! :P

comments pls :D

edit: redownload pls, fixed a bug.
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mhm wat can i say....

that explosion is a bit wierd maybe you can do it on ground..

but specialy i liked that d>j attack :)

nice work, but if that would be not a template it will be great!
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coolest template ever..
you have to try him in online matches
epic fun.. ^^
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should totally allow people to be all trolley on their birthday :D
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