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im working in a new project LF2 Timetravel
i'm working in a new project LF2 Timetravel
here are some new stages and chars
[Image: 4nzcmUw.png]
[Image: oVIiKtf.png]
[Image: hyupjAP.png]

bonus project full hd under construction
[Image: 1hCtgE1.png]
Thanks given by: memskey , Bamboori , rewlf2 , Dinothundah , xgone
DUDE this is AWseome Glad 2 see people r Still making effort for LF2
KEEP AT it BRAH Looks REALY good
Thanks given by: milnext
it's an incredible game can't be forgotten i hope the community grows and in the future the creator will release a new version of this game in full hd 60fps with news
Thanks given by:
The backgrounds are pretty decent, ngl.
Checkout my ongoing project: FTQ (beta)
Thanks given by:
Thanks for continuing this character frost playable. If possible can you make these characters downloadable?
Thanks given by:
Thanks for all comments here is new char in development i need of a good designers for continue this project
[Image: RqVwBRn]
Thanks given by: neviem

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