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Character: Nya (rep char, collab with JoHo15)
[Image: test_767576685519855.gif]

updated to v1.3, changes:
-added the ability to press J after a successful swap to do an evasive flip, as shown in gif, u still cant swap into direct danger and hope to get away with it tho
-D>J mp cost lowered from 100 to 75
-D^J total cast speed very slightly increased to allow easier AA D^J grab combo
-AI update
-fixed a game breaking bug where victim of switch teleport can get stuck as deep underground as the earth's core if they get hit by a spawned object at the moment of grab


edit: updated to v1.35, only contains a small fix for a silly mistake regarding frame 202 using pic 9 instead of pic 8
download link updated in first post too
back from the dead.....kinda
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I don't really understand data changing, I have signature tutorials, sprite sheet tutorials but I never really exercise them been focusing on my drawing skills more going to the library everyday. I like perspective, portrait, background, panels in manga, anatomy and art styles I respect.
I'm trying ok just not familiar with a few things (Click to View)
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