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Character: R-Bonu (88% Complete)
First of all, this is an illegal modification '-' so.. if you're the person who made Bonu, please message me if you don't like to what i have done to your Bonu.

Anyway, you can found the first version of R-Bonu in LF2ET ver 0.0.200522, which has same idea about the flying ability but still using ik8 to make the Explosion Stack which has a bad feedback about that.

R-Bonu is a character that has unique ability to flying around by exploding a Tnt on his feet.. leg?.. shoes. R-Bonu also bring an amazing mecha stuff.

Since R-Bonu was originally designed for LF2ET, his Movement Speed will be as fast as Davis, while the Falling, Stunned, Burn, and Frozen hitboxes will using LF2-RB (v.20210104 by STM93)'s bdy standard, in order to make he works normally and not being too OP in original LF2, tho i think this char wasn't too OP but too weak.

Abilities (Click to View)
Combo Preview (Click to View)

86% - Testing the DC tricks for Physical Armor.
88% - Insert LF2-RB's bdy standard.
To be done
95% - Complete the Physical Armor ability.
97% - Complete the AI for R-Bonu.
99% - Fix some bugs.
100% - Adding the sounds.
(Hopefully i could finish this explosy boy before december)

Known Bugs that yet be fixed (Click to View)

Download Links
• R-Bonu, v.0.8.210720 - LF2-RB Bdy Standard ver.
Links : GoogleDrive, ZippyShare, Mediafire.

Original Bonu by Whaat.
Mecha Wing by Elias Viña.
Cool Red Sword by Matt Rozark.
Advice; Ppl in LF-E's Discord.
Stolen DC tricks (Click to View)
[Image: giphy.gif]

Project : Little Fighter 2 Enchanted 3rd
Thanks given by: Bamboori , rewlf2 , Thauan0312

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