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Siegvar's Frozen
Technically... I am already using frozen's own colours. and they're tinted with a bit of blue from the ice.
But if you guys see it was white lines.. then somehow something went wrong somewhere...
optical illusions? maybe I should make it even more bluish..

Hmm... I might try improve the effect abit, I have some ideas. But the animation will be remain minimal because I'm prioritising the speed of the move. It has to be fast enough to be useable as a counter maneuver.
Plus it won't be too pronounced.. as its meant to be a ice substitution technique.. split second confusion against foes.
In fact.. with the proper usage of this skill.. most of the time you don't get to see the animation.. aww.
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Also, it would be totally cool if the DJA attack would also be performable while actually being frozen (no pun).
I don't know, it could make the skill a bit too unfair, but it's a rad addition, isn't it?

However, I'd still go for new sprites for the DJA. :P
Now what's the third skill, anyway?
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