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Mod: DBZ LF2 (beta v0.3.2)
(08-06-2014, 03:52 PM)EXG9 Wrote:  2 colors for ssj
just use two colors
or apply 3rd color only on the darkest places like where hair meets gokus back
[Image: njE3M1v.png]

I agree 2 colors is best (I'd do it for my own character if I had not already made all the sprites). What I'd definately change about the SSJ3 hair design is the amount of shading on the back of his hair. There's still quite some light shining on it, while it should be in shadow. Should be like EXG9's pic a bit more.
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I vote 3!
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Am I the only one that likes the 3rd and 4th? It gives a feel of Shiny golden hair which is the main concept of super saiyan hair..
Also why just 2 shades guys? More shade = More awesomeness. Infact I'll suggest you to try a mix of his 3rd and 4th with 4 shades.. it would look amazing.
(03-20-2016, 06:41 PM)mfc Wrote:  Be the unsqueezable sponge!
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Why 2 shades? Because its very important to keep everything as simple as possible to increase speed and quality of animations. Thats main reason why nobody goes for hq char much... there is only few of them like frost..

I am not so against orange.. i thought its better to keep consitency between ss. Something like exg9 did.. but i love ss and ss2 light yellow concept that bashs showed. So idk.
EDIT: so if you could keep normal ss ss2 and see how it goes with exg9's ss3
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This is my reasoning for hair colours

SS Goku with no aura (Click to View)
SS2 Goku with no aura (Click to View)
SS3 Goku with no aura (Click to View)
You see his hair is white yellow in SS and SS2 but when he's SS3 it never becomes white yellow. It stays golden.

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well bash, you can never trust old animation colors
[Image: Goku_SSJ2_Electric.png]
[Image: DragonballZ-Movie13_1741.jpg]

and now from new dbz movies, game cutscenes and stuff

and you cannot trust anyone in this world also

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u gonna show gohan and the others later on
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(08-11-2014, 09:13 PM)Evan Izaak Wrote:  u gonna show gohan and the others later on

Well I only have 1 sprite of Gohan done. Just the standing sprite, so no, no Gohan.

I am still working on Goku. Finished Base (excluding potara and spirit bomb) and SS forms. Currently working on SS2, then going to work on SS3.
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wow thats cool I'll see it in the future
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