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Full Version: [Mod] LF2 - Mystics
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I like the super punch, no probs there :D

but in the jump attack shouldn't his arms repell a little bit? rolleyes
Probably, though I think that's not really a big deal...

I've been working on Phil much lately, I already sprited (nearly) everything of him.

[Image: shotgunpreviewjb0.gif]

So he is able to shoot two times with the shotgun after he has to reload. The thing is, that you still have to reload even if you skipped this stance.

BTW: I made the sound of the shells by my own. They fit perfect :D
well we cant hear it D:
As if life depends on it.

(Funny, LFE can't host WAV sounds)
red plastic shells :o

yeah that sound fits pretty well
nice sound^^ nothing to improve there
btw have you got the sound for the shotgun? just wondering...
Ya, I have.
Don't claim as your own, they aren't mine either (except 140.wav)
no, I don't claim it as mine, I'm not that kind off guy
btw nice sounds
are you going making the mask owner ??
Erhm... Yes, sooner or later I have to. First I'll concentrate on Phil.
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