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Full Version: [Mod] LF2 - Mystics
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so he's got pistol and a shotgun

what about grenedes (just a conclusion)
yes I did think about that, too :)(but hey, save some goodies for the other characters too:P)
I won't give him a pistol, that's too odd :P (That what killerfreeze called Pistol is actually a SMG)

I think I'm going to give him a flashbang/smoke grenade and a Sniper rifle.
That should be enough I guess.
maybe you should get the sniper effect from counter strike source

and you change aaron and put a bag full of knifes cause where did he get his
knife from ??:D

you should make a face for sword man
Lauli Wrote:As if life depends on it.

(Funny, LFE can't host WAV sounds)

Good idea, will add this as soon as I can...
how's the progress?
why dont you sprite a shotgun on phils back xD
just get him to strap it on like henry straps on his quiver full of arrows
well except that takes a long time and you would have to resprite all the frames...
maybe not...
how about....for aaron, you give him a special counter attack, so when he defends, you can press a certain key comb. and he'll counter attack =D
....still trying to think of larger scale move for aaron...
how are you finish will phil ??
I have no clue

I don't like it when you are so impatient. Don't expect my mod to be uber-fast done.

BTW: Phil will get a smoke grenade, if somebody gets into the smoke (doesn't matter which team) he won't be able to come out untill the smoke is gone.
Yea, I think I'll do this when my computer works again... :(
i am back !! WOW it seems that you been working with phil right so how many present does phil have know

and i am SORRY for what i have done lauli
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