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Made by:
Marti Wong
Marti: I started to write my first Little Fighter game in the summer of 1995. It is my first game written in C language. In this game, you run with a bunch of kids who just want to fight. You choose to be one of 11 characters, each character has 3 special moves and then you participate in an all out fight. In the game, you can play one on one, team matches or elimination tournament matches. There is up to 8 fighters simultaneously on screen controlled by up to 3 human players. The game modes include the usual championships as well as fighters divided into 2,3 or 4 groups.
  • After the extraction, You can run the game by running PLAY.COM.
  • This game is a DOS program which may NOT be compatible to nowadays operating system.
    You can overcome this problem by using a DOS emulator (Recommend DOSBOX).
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