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Game Mode Menu
There are 3 sections.
The top section is "Free For All". The numbers are for choosing how many players you want.

The middle section is "Team Play". There are two numbers on each line. The first is the number of teams and the second is the number of players per team.

The last section is "Battle Mode". You can choose either 1 on 1 or 3 player FFA.

FFA / Team Play
If you chose FFA or Team Play, you will be presented with the Character-Selection screen. Press the attack key for Player 1, 2, and/or 3 to join the game. Use Left and Right to cycle through the characters and press attack to select the character displayed. In Team Play, you will also have to choose the team you want to join.

Battle Mode
In Battle Mode, you will have to choose how many human players you want. You can have up to 10 human players in 1 vs 1 mode and 9 human players in 3 player FFA. Any empty slots will be filled by computer players.

Character Selection
Each human player now selects a character. Again, use Left and Right to browse through the characters and Attack to select. In Battle Mode it doesn't matter which set of controls you use. Just remember your player number and the character you choose.
After everyone has chosen a character, the fights will begin. If a fight does not involve any human players, you will hear some very entertaining sound effects and the battle will finish in an instant.

When it is a player's turn to fight, a character will be displayed on the screen (example on the right). The player should then press the Attack key that corresponds to the controls he/she intends to use.

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