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Made by:
Marti & Starsky Wong
Little Fighter 2 version 2.0a
11 Juli 2008

Copyright 1999-2009,
Marti Wong and Starsky Wong,
All rights reserved
System Requiremants:
CPU:Celeron 300 / K6-2 300
Memory:> 32 MB Ram
Display Card:Supports Direct X acceleration
Platform:Win 2000/Vista with Direct X 9.0 or above
Resolution:800x600 or above, _MUST BE_ 32 bit colors

If LF2 v2.0 is not working on your computer, you may not have some of the files necessary to run it. You can download the files from here:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)


1. Include the fix of the NumLock bug (In v2.0, NumLock keeps ON all the time,
   after the fix, user can turn off the NumLock)

2. Fix a critical bug in Geforce 9800 graphics card - Showing wrong sprite 
   pictures when character facing left.

   If you are typical players, this fix has no impact on you.

   But if you are LF2 data modifiers, you may be interested to the following
   Cause of the bug:
   The "left-right" mirror function of DirectDrew is no longer supported by
   some new graphics cards (Such as Geforce 9800).

   How did I fix it?
   I pre-rendered the mirrored pictures and put them along with the original 
   For example, for Davis, it's animation consisted of 
      davis_0.bmp,        davis_1.bmp,        davis_2.bmp
   In LF2 v2.0a, there are 
      davis_0_mirror.bmp, davis_1_mirror.bmp, davis_2_mirror.bmp, they are 
      the "mirrored" version of the 3 bmp above

   Impact to modifiers:
   It is recommended that you should create those *_mirror.bmp with your
   character    files.
   In case the mirrored pictures are not provided, LF2 will try to do the 
   mirroring programmatically.  It means even you don't provide *_mirror.bmp,
   LF2 may still work.  However, if you are using Geforce 9800, the "wrong
   sprite picture" bug will happen when those mirror pictures are missing.

   If you have any questions, you may go to http://lf2.net/forum for help.
© Little Fighter Empire

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