Nowadays, a number of Data Changers is available. A couple of them are bundled in the Data Changer Pack (bottom of the page). If you're looking for more, check out the list below! Some are still in active development, so if you're missing a feature, try asking the author in the thread!

  • Som1Lse's Real Time Data Changer
    So far, the only Data Changer which lets you edit and review your changes in real time, meaning you won't have to reload LF2 all the time!
    Project thread
    If you are just a regular user, you should download LF2DCWindowsWTE.7z, but if you would like to experiment with the source, then download LF2DCSource.7z.
    "LF2DCWindowsWTE.7z" might trigger your Anti Virus software, and in that case either allow it to pass, or use LF2DCWindowsNoWTE.7z. If you choose the latter option you won't have "Write To Exe" functionality.
  • Nightmarex1337's LF2 IDE
    A Data Changer supporting visual alignment of hitboxes, advanced code-manipulation, and many more features.
    Project thread
  • wirwl's LF Studio
    Supporting syntax highlighting, has an auto-complete window, a projects explorer, and you can run lf2 exe directly in the app.
    Project thread
  • Qendolin's Data Changer
    A work in progress, currently including visual alignment of boxes, a sprite sheet manager, a character feature editor as well as a number of other features.
    Project thread
  • YinYin's Visual Data Changer (VDC v1.5)
    A minimalistic, yet powerful DCer that focuses on few features such as syntax highlighting or visual placement of hitboxes to keep the program slim.
    Project thread
  • MangaD's LF2 Online Data Changer
    A small website written in HTML5, CSS, and Javascript that can be also viewed locally.
    Project thread | Direct Link

The Data Changer Pack include the following tools:

1) Jiquera's Data Changer
Version 1.0 of Jiquera's Data Changer still needs a long loading time to open dat.-files, version 1.4 (available in english and chinese) open them instantly and has several practical features.

2) RaMMicHaeL's Data Changer
Version 1.5 is just Jiquera's Data Changer 1.5 without the "non registered" popup when you start the program. His own Data Changer can open R-LF2 dat.-files, can read the encrytion key from LF2.EXE and you can use external text editors while working on your dat.-files.

3) Celebix's Encrypt- & Decrypt Programm
This is not really a Data Changer. With these two programs you convert textfiles into dat.-files or other way. You can also encode R-LF2 dat.-files.

4) Azriels Visual Frame Maker
Not a Tool where you can data change with, but very useful to find out points in the sprite-frames or an area!

5) Data Changer 1.5 by blow_fly98
An awesome new Data Changer which make a lot of stuff easier.

Data Changer Pack v3.0
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