1. PhotoFiltre
    PhotoFiltre is a free image editor that makes a great lightweight alternative to Photoshop for users who want something more simple and easy to use. The interface, loaded with all the features and options, can be confusing at first glance but you'll soon get used to it. The right side is composed of the shape and drawing tools and an optimizable color palette. The top bar has all the essential image editing and modification options. With this program, you can quickly switch hues of a sprite, add new elements, or even paint.

    Presented by: photofiltre.free.fr

  2. GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program
    GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It works on many operating systems, and is available in many languages.

    Presented by: www.gimp.org

  3. Adobe Photoshop CS
    Adobe Photoshop CS - still the leading graphics program out there, mainly used by professionals. Here, you can download a Trial Version of this graphics program. Have fun!

    Presented by: www.adobe.com

    Adobe Photoshop CS
  4. Paint Shop Pro 9
    You need a good graphics program? Paint Shop Pro is the best one after Photo Shop. Use the link below to download a trial version.

    Presented by: www.drh.digitalriver.com

    Paint Shop Pro 9
  5. Graphics Gale
    This is a small but useful graphics program where you can save pictures as icons (.ico), normal cursors (.cur), animated cursors (.ani), animated gifs (.gif) or videos (.avi). Because it's not a huge program you can get good results quickly.

    Presented by: www.humanbalance.net

    Graphics Gale
  6. Icon Maker
    In order to change the icon of LF2.exe with the resource hacker, you need your sprites to be in .ico format. That's not a problem with this trial version of Iconmaker - and with your own Icon, the version will look much more professional.

    Presented by: www.icon-editor.net

    Icon Maker
  7. Face Maker 3.1
    Many people struggle with creating good-looking LF2-faces from scratch. This program gives you a wide range of possible facial features that you can assemble to match your tastes.

    Face Maker 3.1
  8. Face Maker
    FoxRichards, a user at deviantArt.com, created a flash-application which lets you create face-pictures as well, similar to Face Maker 3.1. Not only their name but also the way they work is similar. You should get used to it pretty quickly.

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