No idea what D.C. means?

Ok, D.C. is short for Data Changing, which means editing or coding Little Fighter 2 dat-files. You can find most of these files in the "data" folder. To open dat-files you need a special program. The best one is the Data Changer made by Jiquera, which you can download here.

Data Changer Pack v3.0

With the data changer you can create and edit characters, special attacks, weapons, backgrounds, stages, and criminals.
However, you can't change the cheat, the menu pictures, or the LF2.exe icon. For this, you need the resource hacker. An explanation on how to use this program can be found in the "Advanced" section.

To learn Data Changing, you have to first consider how far you're willing to go. In the "Basic" section you will only find beginner stuff. In two tutorials, I explain how to install new characters. In another tutorial, you can learn how to install replacement characters without overwriting an existing character. Finally, the last tutorial explains how to make simple additions or edits to a character's attacks.
In "Allround" you can find an extensive collection of D.C. information. Starting with the functions of the text files, sprite notation, and how to define areas, this section then continues on to describe the effects each tag has in the different types of dat-files in detail.
If you have a solid foundation in D.C. and are looking for something more difficult you can go to the "Advanced" section. Here I explain several techniques used to create special effects. The tags are not explained here; you are expected to already know about them.
In the "Other" section you can find tutorials written by other data changers. All the information in these tutorials can be found elsewhere in the D.C. section. These tutorials simply provide a compact explanation of Data Changing from different perspectives.

I hope you enjoy Data Changing! ^_^
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