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AnzRage is the Director/Editor. He checks everything and makes sure everything is in order and running just fine. If there is a mistake you can take it out on him after all he is the editor so there shouldn't be any mistakes. He is also the person in charge of the website. He really just tries to put all the pieces together, and does hes best to get awards. If you want to e-mail me, make sure you put the subject as: LFC Help, other wise i'll think it's just junk mail, and I delete them all automatically.
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Maxr is the animation/producer without him our flash would not go anywhere, which is why he gets more credit than the rest of us. He makes all the graphics and animation work. He also does the links and other special effects that you see on our flashes.

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Chapter 1 - The Rescue:
This is the where the whole Little Fighter series begins, Jan, Woody, and Davis get captured. Bat tries to free his friends, but it won't be easy. Louis and his knights are guarding the prison cells. Will Bat be able to save his friends? Find out by watching this chapter.
Chapter 2 - Ambush:
The Little Fighters are on their way to fight one of Firzen's greatest warriors, John. On their way there they enter a forest, but are suddenly ambushed by unwelcome guests. There they meet up with an old friend.
Chapter 3 - Sorcery:
The Little Fighters make their way closer to John, but are once again attacked by Hunters, and sorcerers. Davis gets frozen by an icebolt. John appears soon after and teleports all of the little fighters away to an unknown location, except Bat. Can Bat defeat John one on one?
Chapter 4 - Confusion:
Bat goes to a town of peons, and asks for John's location. Jan and Davis find that they have been seperated from the other Little Fighters, and are attacked by a gang of bandits. Woody and Henry gets acquainted with monks at a temple and begin training under them.
Chapter 5 - Dusk:
Finally Bat reaches John. After Bat takes down John's subordinates, they finally face each other, but after a while, it looks like Bat will lose - or will there be a change?
Chapter 6 - Alliance:
While Davis and Jan are on their way to fight freeze, they find themselves lost. Then, up ahead they see 3 guys surrounded by bandits. The 3 guys defeated the gang of bandits easily. They are then introduced as Rudolf, Dennis, and Jack. Suddenly Deep appears and Rudolf and Deep go at it. Deep and Rudolf have a long history together. Will Rudolf's revenge his master's death?
Chapter 7 - War:
Bat is on his way to fight firen, when LouisEX gets in his way. This time Louis EX is prepared, he has brought an entire army to destroy the Little Fighters. Bat is greatly outnumbered and is about to lose, but then Henry and Woody show up with an army of monks to help. Who will win this battle?
Chapter 8 - Frozen:
The Little Fighters travel to the arctic cave where they meet Freeze. They all attack him at once, but one by one, Freeze freezes them until only Davis is left. Freeze knocks davis away then Deep shows up and fights Freeze. Together they defeat him. Then Deep leaves. Somehow, Jan unfreezes herself and the others and they continue on their journey.
Chapter 9 - Inferno:
In this chapter, Woody, Henry and a group of monks go in search for Firen, one of their most dangerous adversaries. A great and epic battle will occur, along with a twist.
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