LF2 uses a graphics card function that flips images horizontally. However, some modern graphics cards today (notably NVidia) don't have this function.

As a result, Marti made a fix in the v2.0a EXE that allows direct loading of _mirror.bmp sprites. Unfortunately, many mods were made back then under v1.9/1.9c.

While most mods can still run properly with v2.0a EXE, there are others that rely on certain tricks or have heavily modded EXEs that won't work with this method. Also, some people may be too lazy to use A-Man's sprite mirrorer to make _mirror files for the 2.0a EXE to load.

Hence, here is a set of 3 DLLs that you can place inside LF2 folder directly, containing:
  • ddraw.dll (587kb)
  • libwine.dll (1769kb)
  • wined3d.dll (1397kb)

Once placed, you can simply run the lf2.exe directly as per normal.

What these DLLs do is allow you to run very old LF2 mods(generally running on 1.9/1.9c exe) without facing the left-facing sprite issue. This is useful if those old mods use particularly many/large sprites that cannot be loaded properly on 2.0a EXE, or have heavily modified EXE.

Personally, I found that this very slightly blurs the game's image quality and it won't allow OBS to capture the game window directly (you have to use capture monitor instead), but its a minor tradeoff compared to actually fixing the left-right issue when playing on older LF2 versions.

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