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alt 1. Name / Nicname
My nicname is MH-Razen, MH are my initials - Matthias Hilger.

2. Date of Birth
27th September 1987

3. Place of Residence:
Deggendorf, a small town (30.000 inhabitants) in Bavaria/Germany. Also Karlsruhe, I study chemistry there.

4. Hair- / Eye-Color:
Hairs: dark brown
Eyes: grey or blue, not sure...

5. Hobbies:
Oh, I've quite a lot of hobbies: programming (LF2-DC and website coding, especially LF-EMPIRE), making music (I play the piano and the flute myself), swimming, going by bike, reading books, listening to music, astronomy, chemistry...

6. Profession Desire:
I study industrial engineering, looks like my job will have to do something with this...

7. Self-Assessment:
Oh, well, I know I've high claims to others, and if nothing goes forward I'll be impatient. But I also know I'm quite a listener - at least a few people told me I am...

8. Outer characteristics:
Hm, well, I'm very tall, have a dozen bracelets on my arm and a scar on the left site of my head - but you just see it if my hair are cut short...
And before I forget; I've endless long eyelashes and every month somebody ask me if I glue them (last time: no!).

9. Characteristics of behaviour:
I think I watched "Pirates of the Caribbean" to often, at least I walk a bit strange, apart from that I'm quite normal (but what's normal?), I just need some time for me...

10. Favourite music:
Every time somebody asks me this question I wonder what I should answer, classic is ok, sometimes it's boring, romantically music or film music is great, and modern music, well, I like some groups or singers, but I never commit on one...

11. Favourite film / film genre:
Action!!! Films like James Bond or the Chinese Martial Arts (ok, Jackie Chan is a bit old, but there're lots of other films in this way) are just genius!

12. Pets:
Nothing bigger then 5 inches... - else? Well, some loyal spider families live behind my bed, but all ancestors who visited me never went back!

13. Books:
I prefer endless sequences of books - Harry Potter and stuff like this, where you need one year to read it (ok, I read HP 6 in just three days ). But it's to bad I don't have much time to read...

14. Where I would like to spend my vacations:
I would love to visit Israel, but it's quite dangerous there sometimes. So I would prefer my lonely island (which is already discovered, to bad) somewhere in the ocean, I don't even need huge hotels, I prefer smaller hotels...

15. What makes me happy:
A surprise I absolutely didn't expect!

16. What makes me glad:
About quite a lot of things, a nice day, a good piece of work, a meeting with my friends...

17. What makes me really angry:
Impoliteness, unreliability, unpunctuality

18. What I don't want to miss:
My family and my very best friends!

19. What never can miss on a good party:
Even if I still prefer a good conversation (for people which read my older profile) my opinion on parties changed: you definitly need good drinks (touchdown or so) and a girl which celebrate with you - best untill morning comes...

20. Favourite car:
Aston Martin Vanquish

21. What / Whom I would take with me to an isolated island:
Whom? My best friends. What? Well, hammer, saw, knife, a whetstone and a rope should be enough to stay alive, more? Hm... maybe the books from "Lord of the Rings", I didn't read them yet...

22. With what can you make me lucky:
Oh, that's more difficult, I'm happy quite often, but really lucky - not so often. Bit there're some persons, I don't know how they do this, but almost every word they say makes me lucky...

23. Biggest wish:
A good live - a good job, a family and my own house.

24. Statement to LF-EMPIRE:
I started very small three years ago - and now...
I just wanted to create a site where you can find everything about Little Fighter - because all other sites I know also deal with some other games or so. LF-EMPIRE shouldn't be like this - I think I'm quite successful with this, and with Sam-Host I also found a good host...

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