Here, you can find stories written by our members. Additional written works can be found in the forums where you can also submit your own creations!

A collection of the LF2-jokes that were available on the site until version 7.

For the official LFE Contest #21, members were asked to create background-stories for the original characters. This is a PDF-file containing all entries, including the winning stories.
by Reaper, Blue Phoenix, LutiChris, et al.

The winning stories of the writing challenge now packed in one pdf. Enjoy!
by Magnamancy, Phil and Reaper

The mysterious story of Reaper now in the convenient pdf format. Enjoy!
by Reaper

The winning stories of the unofficial story contest now packed in one pdf. Happy reading!
by Ramond, BluePhoenix, Ruduen & Pirate

The Domain of G4F, an ally to the great LF Empire, has fallen to a deadly group of rogue warriors known as the Dark Rebellion. Their goal is to destroy the current Empire and create a new one. But the deadly organization is not the only problems that stand in the Empire's way. There are also enemies to the far east who plan to take over the Empire as well...
by Zabobula

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