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by ComputerH

Use the arrow keys to move.

Q: Pause W: Change Item E: Dodge R: Melee Attack
A: Final Skill S: Use Item D: Power Up F: Shoot

Collect purple balls to use for powering up. In the game, there is a bar
for the power ups. Each time you a purple ball, the bar moves to the
right by one. You can only select the power up that the bar is
highlighting; you can't switch between the different power ups unless
you get the purple balls.

If you dodge at the right time, you will regain a little bit of hp and you
will be able to damage enemies.

Main Screen:

Start the Game, Enter Password, Introduction
Quality: High Medium Low

Character Select Screen:

At the top right, below Woody, it gives you a preview of the different
levels of the projectile attacks.

The red bar is strength, the green is speed, and the blue is accuracy.

Bottom left: Back Bottom right: Confirm

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