A way to create cliffs in small backgrounds.
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This is a really simple method of creating cliffs in backgrounds. There are just two things you have to care about:

    1) The background shouldn't be wider than 794 pixels!
    2) This background should never be used in stage!

The whole secret is that you use a width for the background that is smaller then the size of the screen. If you play with a background like this, the characters will never appear on the left site, they'll appear in the middle instead. It is for this reason that you have a cliff at the right side of the screen.
There's just one disadvantage - if you throw weapons out of this area, they just disappear.

The whole thing is a bit hard to imagine, so besides the Study Example you can download the background "Cliff" from the download section where the whole thing is actualized.

Inspired by MH-Razen

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