Enemies can join your team, but it also works the other way!
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Everybody knows you can make an enemy join your team with the join-tag within stage.dat, but it can also work the other way around: A character from your team can join the evil!
First you add a new bdy at y: 1000 in the standing, walking, running, defend, and both crouch frames of the character who should change teams. In the second step, you create a new frame within the same dat.-file and put an itr/kind 8 at y: 1000 in it so the new character moves under the one on your team (this frames is activated by stage.dat). In the next frame, you have it catch the character with itr/kind 3 at y: 1000 and bring him to a delete frame. Only one character will remain, but this is on the same place. In the study example I also created the comment "I Join the Evil!".

Here's a study example:

Join Evil

Inspired by MH-Razen

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