With this new Stage Stop method you don’t have to activate the objects behind the bound-border anymore. Characters don’t fall to floor – they disappear in a new created frame.
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The code for this is really easy: You create a compleatly hidden frames (state: 3005, pic: 1000). Activate this frame with hp: 0 from stage.dat – computerplayers will not react on them and it’s not counted in the enemy-counter, but it still stops the stage. In this frame you have to note a itr/kind: 8 at y: 50000, which lease to a frame with dvx: where the object is deleted (state: 3005, pic: 1000, next: 1000)
Now you just have to note an opoint in the frames which are played when you solved the quest (for example). This opoint activate a character-frame with a bdy at the same height. To avoid that computerplayers react on it you can set state 14.

<frame> 350 stage-stop-k8
   pic: 1000 state: 3005 wait: 1 next: 350
   itr: #wait for (end)-object
      kind: 8 x: -5000 y: 50000 w: 10000 h: 100 dvx: 399 injury: 0 zwidth: 500
<frame> 351 stage-stop-k8 (end)
   pic: 1000 state: 14 wait: 1 next: 1000
      kind: 0 x: -5000 y: 50000 w: 10000 h: 100

<frame> 399 delete
   pic: 1000 state: 3005 wait: 0 next: 1000


Stage Stop


Inspired by MH-Razen

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