Here I explain how to create clones with any number of life points.
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With this clone-method, you deal with the source code dependence of two id-numbers: 5 (Rudolf) and 52 (Julian). If these figures create a clone, they automatically have 10 life points. So if you create a clone move, just activate a certain frame in rudolf.dat (see example) and use an itr to add as many life points as you like. After this, use state: 8000 and transform the clone into the characters you would like him to be.
For adding this special amount of life points you need a special itr:

<frame> 100 bandit_clones
   pic: 1000  state: 18  wait: 2  next: 1000  dvx: 0  dvy: 0  dvz: 550
   centerx: 0  centery: 0  hit_a: 0  hit_d: 0  hit_j: 0
   kind: 0  x: -20  y: 5000  w: 40  h: 40
   injury: -40  bdefend: -50  fall: -50  effect: 5

The most important thing is that you add a negative "fall" and a negative "bdefend" (if you leave it out, the clone goes to the "injured"-Frames and won't transform). In the "injury" tag, you set how many life points you want to add (negative!). The bad thing about this clone method is that they don't heal automatically, but at least they're stronger.

Here's a study example:

Inspired by MH-Razen

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