Another way to make a character fly.
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If a character jumps, he goes into a horizontal trajectory. First you modify the Jump-Frames. In the last of the three frames, you set a next linking to the fly-mode frames, then set the wait so these frames are activated at the highest point of the jump (depends on how huge the jump_height is).
The most important thing in the frames of the fly-mode is a dvy: 550, which keeps the character hovering at the same height above the ground. With dvx: you can set the speed, with dvz: you can allow him to move diagonally. In hit_d: you can make the character go to a frame for him to drop back down to the ground. The easiest way to do this is to simply copy the last Jump-Frame and change it back to the way it was.
Because you used state: 4, the source code automatically activates frame 80 (jump_attack) if you press the attack-button. So you also have to modify these frames with a dvy: 550 and a next: back to the fly-mode frames if you don't want to abort the fly-mode with an attack.

Here's a study example, but you can also download the character DarkBatEX, where this technique is used.


Inspired by Sam

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