Fighting on two levels? That's possible...
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Well, the system is not hard, it's only a lot of work - the idea is to double every character and every weapon, one of them has a normal centery, one has a higher centery for the second floor. For characters, both objects are transformable so you can transform into the char for the lower / higher level with a key-combination. The random-function for the weapons will make weapons for both levels appear.
You see - it's that easy, but there're problems we can't really save. The shadow for example - sure it would be possible to hide the shadow and create a shadow-image which stays with the character via itr/kind 8, but this is not the best solution. Another problem is the broken weapon. Well, if anybody want to realise this - here's the basic plan, have fun ^_^

Two Level LF2

Inspired by MH-Razen

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