With this method, you can code dragons which chase the enemy for a while.
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If you don't have any idea what the result should look like you should take a look at the study example.
To create such an effect, you have to work with hit_Fa. First, code a normal chase attack (in the example I used hit_Fa: 1 because you can also work with next). In the Flying-Frames, add an o-point that activates a blind-frame. In this frame, there must be a hit_Fa: 3 to avoid bugs in the following frame. The rest of the frame can be invisible. In the following frame, there must be a hit_Fa: 7 and next: 1000.
This hit_Fa: 7 activates the tail at frame 40. You have to know that these frames are shown more often if you set a higher wait. The good thing here is that you save frames if you put the same elements several times, one after another. Activating the tail by directly opointing it would be more work.
Next you can give the tail an effect. In the example I used kind: 14 so characters can't pass it, in the head-frame I used a normal itr/kind: 0 (the information for the head is already saved in the Flying-Frames).

Here's a study example if you want to see the details:

Chasing Dragon

Inspired by MH-Razen

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