With o-point you activate objects.

Kind: 1 is standard - you can activate any kind of balls. With kind 2 you activate light weapons which are hold on hand afterwards (before you force the character to let the old weapon fall with wpoint / kind: 3).
x: ...
y: ...
Here you set the coordinates where the centerpoint of the object should appear.
Here you set at which Frame-Number the object should start.
dvx: ...
dvy: ...
If the object should have a innitial movement (like it's used for chase balls) you can use these tags.
Here you note the ID-Number of the object noted in data.txt (0 doesn`t work).
How often an object should be activated:
     0 = One object to front
1 = One object to back
10 = One object to the right side!! (can be used for displays)
20 = two objects to front
21 = two objects to back
30 = three objects to front
31 = three objects to back
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