With wpoint, you control everything related weapons.

Kind: 1 is used for characters while they are holding a weapon or throwing it with dvx/y/z (this is almost always the case). If you want to drop a weapon without using dvx/y/z, you can use kind: 3 (Freeze Sword). In the weapon dat.-files, you  always use kind: 2. That means that the weapon is  being held and can be moved by the character. This is why all of the other following tags (not the coordinates!) are always 0 in weapons.
x: ...
y: ...
Holding Coordinates - used to determine where the character should hold the weapon.
In character data, you note which frame of the weapon should be used (depends on if it's a light or a heavy weapon).
Attacking and the "Weapon_strength_list" at the beginning of the weapon dat.-file are connected. If it's 0 the weapon doesn't do any damage, but if you use 1-4, you'll activate the corresponding entry in the list. By using this, you can make the vary the strength of the weapon in different frames.
If you want the weapon to be shown behind the character (Rudolf), you have to use a value of 1, otherwise use 0.
dvx: ...
dvy: ...
dvz: ...
If you want to throw the weapon, you have to use these tags. Since the horizontal distance that you throw the object depends on the vertical movement of the throw, I can't create a sample list, so you have to try it out yourself. The only thing you have to care is that if you want to throw the weapon in a boot you have to use a negative dvy - the gravity effect will bring the weapon back to the floor.
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