Here the important parts of data.txt are explained. All tags which aren't noted here are irrelevant. Deep_chop.dat includes the same text as Data.txt, but it's without function in version 1.9 and can be deleted (it was used in an earlier version).

Start of the Object-Part. You can note exactly 100 objects here - if you save more you'll get errors in the character selection screen.
Identification Number of an object. A lot of id's are dependant from source code, more about this in the Advanced Section. The id's 100 to 199 can fall from sky, so you shouldn't use them for characters. If you use them for attacks there will be errors.
Dat.-File Type:
  • 0 = Characters (Shown in character selection menu)
  • 1 = Light Weapons (Influence characters)
  • 2 = Heavy Weapons (Influence characters)
  • 3 = Special Attacks (No gravity effect)
  • 4 = Throw Weapons (Influence characters)
  • 5 = Other (broken_weapon, etc, criminal)
  • 6 = Drinks (Influence characters)
Location (mostly data folder) and name (.dat) of the dat.-file. Principally, you can save dat.-files as text files and note it as .txt here, but it's uncommon.
# ...
End of the Object-Part.

Start of the background-Part.
Identification number of the background.
Location and name of the dat.-file. The lines 2 to 6 set the backgrounds for Stage Mode! Probably here's a limit, too, but it was not reached yet.
End of the background-Part.
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