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YinYin: "I've written this little program that detects your button inputs and overlays them onto your screen which i find really usefull myself for recording fights/combos/tutorials.
I've kept it as simple as possible:

The arrows light up white when they are pressed,
the buttons in the colors of the official control guide;
you can drag it anywhere and close it by right clicking it"

  • also works on 64win7 now
  • can display the selected player - the last performed input
  • log your every move (which you can then copy, or reset with F4)
  • all optional settings

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The LF2 Starterkit is a project to allow newcomers to LF2 to get the most important information quickly and in one package. The project is not finished yet and will be updated with more stuff during the next weeks!

Right now the following tools and programs are within the Starterkit:  

-LF2v1.9 (by Marti & Starsky Wong)
-LF2v1.9c (by Marti & Starsky Wong)
-LF2v2.0 (by Marti & Starsky Wong)

-LF2-Practice (by Silva)
-LF2-Neutral (by MH-Razen)
-LF2 Characters Guide (by Jiquera)

-Data Changer Book (by Jiquera, MSSJG, Razen)
-Data Changer v1.5 (by Jiquera, changed by Rammichael)
-Rammichaels Data Changer (by Rammichael)
-LF2 FPS Changer
-Names Generator (by Niclas Forsell)
-LF2 Ultimate Patcher (by Rammichael)

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