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Made by: Blue Phoenix/Silverthorn & Marshall (ft. Chishio, mugen22 & Yakui)

This background is a collaboration between Blue Phoenix and Marshall sprinkled with a dash from Chishio, mugen22, and Yakui. Now, do many people equal great results? In this case: you bet your life savings, they do! Jump right into the ruins of a once luxurious hall to battle your enemies but be wary of the monolithic statues dropping from above that will explode after a while! Turn them to your advantage by hitting them instead and rule this place!

Or, as Marshall has fittingly summed it up: A project once abandoned by mugen22 and tan00ki, it has been resurrected and has successfully exceeded its former glory with animated water with an artistic highlight from Blue Phoenix. An LF2 match as never been in such a dramatic setting and the Statues of Doom - brainchild of BP and Chishio - can only blow the battle into epic proportions.

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