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Made by: The_Hari

This started as a joke, but epilepsy template turned out as not that easy and worth being just it.

Going with the spirit of original Y2F, not copyrighted version of YinYin - YangYang, will absorb Julian's powers and use them against player in stage 5. Silly running Julian at the start is there just becasue these sprites were originally added in latest version of y2f. And it helps a little to show some sort of storyline.

Now for the cool part, he will use those moves only in stage mode and without any AI. They will happen (not really) randomly, in place of original basic moves. So, big energy column will trigger while YangYang is standing, walking, or running; Big ball whenever he's punching/use run attack; Small explosion after landing from jump/dash and mirage sort of thing, while standing up. It also makes him teleport to closest enemy.
They won't happen everytime though, there is still chance to use normal basic actions.
While we're at basic actions, YangYang can't roll from running and throw caught opponent; Falling animations uses less frames visually; He can't be caught, frozen or burned - just falls instead. Will delete weapons while picking and there is added back dash defend, becsue it's cool.

Recorded the fight without it, but later on added "remains of Julian's energy" attacking players, as YangYang was way too easy to beat.

There is also cliched collapsing forbidden tower, as blue stone pieces randomly fall from sky, it serves also as weapon destroyer and make use of their broken animations.
Lastly YangYang will get +500 hp for every com you take as your helper, won't regenerate hp during stage and gets deleted when defeated.

Still, it's a parody and template spamming Julian's attacks, but that's really what he's supposed to be.

--written by The_Hari (original forum post)

By the way, in case you are wondering about the strange file name, this is an hommage to YinYin's old alias "5CR3WYOU" (and the original creator of the ridiculously hard-to-beat flashy templates).

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