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Although not quite as popular as R-LF2, Kate-LF2 should not be overlooked. Kate's mod presents a large variety of unique moves and abilities, and it's amazing special effect sprites make Kate-LF2 all the more impressive. Although some characters and moves are taken from other works, the vast majority of the mod is composed of Kate's own creations. Her data are very innovative, featuring two new status effects (poisoned and paralyzed), button-mashing charge-up moves, music and cutscenes in stage mode, quite a lot of cpoint usage, and many interesting secret moves. Perhaps the most entertaining part of Kate-LF2 is it's stage mode. While fighting your way through Julian's forces, you will have to be wary of hazards such as massive rock showers and bolts of lightning. After completing the first stage mode, there are two secrets packages containing stages that you can unlock, one specifically designed for the character Kate and one that replaces stage mode with a collection of minigames. These secret packages also contain additional content such as evolved forms of Kate and backgrounds that make unlocking these secrets well worth the effort. While some of the characters are significantly stronger than others, this does not detract from the entertainment value of the mod. Kate-LF2's massive and unique content make it one of the essential LF2 modifications.
Little Fighter 2 - Kate

by Kate

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Note: if you are experiencing game-crashing, please have a look into this thread whether it helps fixing your problem.
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