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The NTSD Team
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Naruto: The Setting Dawn, or NTSD as the fans like to call it, is a fighting game based on the Naruto manga series using the LF2 game engine, and is dubbed as possibly one of the best Naruto games on PC. The game was started by zxcv11791, and he is now the NTSD Team Leader, a team consisting of about 10 people, plus an extra team of beta testers who help with the game's development. The game has 40 unique and exciting characters, this is including special transformations and a couple of secret characters that need to be unlocked. The game also offers an exciting Single Player Mode, dubbed "Stage Mode" where you will follow the Naruto Part 2 (Shippuden) storyline up to the "Pein's Invasion" arc. A sequel to NTSD, named NTSDII is currently in production, and it will pick up where NTSD ended.
Naruto: The Setting Dawn (NTSD)

The NTSD Team
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