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"LITTLE FIGHTER 2: Sx2 ~ The power of emancipation" (version 2013.09.17) is a mod featuring flashy effects, cutscenes in stage and several novel mechanisms thanks to PDK. Stage mode itself is rather incomplete with essentially just a single battle but for general gameplay, this version has its perks. The following video highlights some combos possible in this mod:

Some of the new mechanisms are the following (taken from the author's original post):
  • Avoidance system
    Each character has a so-called "avoidance skill". This is useful to interrupt an opponent's combo by quickly getting out of falling. Also, quicker standing up from lying on the ground becomes possible.

  • Technical system
    Attack strengths scale with the duration inputs are held:

  • Defensive system
    Defending attacks does not drain a small percentage of your HP anymore but your MP:

  • Stage mode cutscenes

  • Transmigration
    In lieu of the original survival stage, this version features a so-called "Transmigration". The difference is that there are no supplies involved and, because of PDK's limitations, the stage number will be displayed at the beginning of each fight only:

Some combos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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