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As you can see, the mainsite has undergone some significant changes. Most data should have been migrated, translations are to follow soon. I need a coffee :p

Contest #20: TOURNAMENT (Feb-May, 2013)

1st Lord Silva
2nd Everisto
3rd Azriel

Furthermore, I'd like to announce a new contest that's currently taking place. If you are interested in writing, you're welcome to join Contest #21: Writing Challenge (registration at the forums required) before July 1st.


during the upcoming weekend, I'm going to perform a maintenance-update of this site. This means that, during this time, the website will be inaccessible. However, the forums will remain to be up, though ;)

Blue Phoenix

Contest #19: SPRITING CHALLENGE (May/Jun, 2012)

1st Apocalipsis [Image: 19-1-Apocalipsis.png]
2nd YinYin [Image: 19-2-YinYin.gif]
3rd LutiChris [Image: 19-3-LutiChris.png]
Contest #18: WRITING CHALLENGE (Mar/Apr, 2012)
1stBlue PhoenixRead now!
1stAzrielRead now!
3rdReaperRead now!

If you're interested in participating in an LFE-contest as well, we currently have a sprite-contest running here till June 2nd.
Contest #17: Cosplay (Jan/Feb, 2012)
Rank 1 1stBamboori
Rank 2 2ndLutiChris
Rank 3 3rdempirefantasy
Contest #16: Background Challenge (Oct/Nov, 2011)
Rank 1 1stBlue Phoenix

Rank 2 2ndMH-Razen, Apocalipsis

Rank 3 3rdMarshall


Contest #15: Collaborative Fighting Challenge (Aug/Sep, 2011)
Rank 1 1stRamond, The Lost Global Mod[Image: lfr.gif] Download!
Rank 2 2ndDr.Death, Kevin[Image: lfr.gif] Download!
Rank 3 3rdAzriel, Blue Phoenix[Image: lfr.gif] Download!
If you have problems downloading, choose: Right-click > Save Target As.

Also, we are having a background-creation contest right now, feel free to join in >here<
If you got a good character and want to publish it on the LFE-Download-Section there`s a quicker way then wait forever now: In this thread you find all details needed, but keep in mind that we don`t submit everything blind but still check everything on it`s quality.

Contest #14: Collaborative Spriting Challenge (Feb/Mar, 2011)
Rank 1 1stChishio, Apocalipsis[Image: 14-1-chishio-apocalipsis.png]
Rank 2 2ndbetitngoan, LutiChris[Image: 14-2-betitngoan-lutichris.png]
Rank 3 3rdAlectric, lf2TimmE1[Image: 14-3-alectric-lf2timme1.png]
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