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You may have noticed that we had some problems with the translations. When LFE was "temporary not available" yesterday and today I worked on this problem and it is solved now, but actually lots of articles are not translated right now. I'll go with my work and insert the translations, but during this time you guys can go on visiting LFE. Have fun ^_^
... why we have so many guests right now?

If yes write in the Guest Book :p
Ok I did some more work:
- Finished CFG Archive as far as I know, Silva will care about the rest in about two weeks
- LF2 Character Attacks
- I think I'll delete topsites soon and instead users can submit their sites here at LFE in the new Link Archive (right now you can find it in top-menu), but there's not much around. We still need to update menus and stuff...
- BTW: Did you recognize that we've a newsletter!? I'll send it around when we made some new content, added new stuff and so and I can tell you about problems in case LFE is down for some reasons.

Now to the downloads: Right now there's not much around in the fileplanet since we've problems with the download server. There were two DDos attacks and we need to find a more secure way. So since the downloads wont work anyways there's no reason to put them up in the moment anyways :p
But when it's the time I would need some guys to help me adding the downloads to LFEv9.0. Interested guys can contact me via contact formular or PM in forums.

All I have to say today
I'm just sitting in train on the way back to Karlsruhe and work on the last parts I can finish without some more online researches.
Everything from v8.0 I could move is moved now, missing the following stuff:
- Downloads (LF2 Add-Ons)
- LF2 Character Attacks
- CFG Archives
What I still wanna do:
- Connect the Forums with the mainsite to allow guys to create new content without the need of register twice
- Find a (working) Topsite-Script for Joomla 1.5
- Find a Comment-Plugin
- ... and a few things I probably forgot right now...

When I was online two days ago I heard the downloads don't work again. I'm sorry for this. A large part of the downloads are still hosted on another server. With the v9.0 important downloads are on main server, too. This means the official versions (without LFO Demo), Study Examples and all kind of tools should be available in case LFEv9.0 is online, which should be 99.9% of the time.

I will also have a closer look why the other downloads don't work again. There's no reason for me...

All news for today,

I wish you a Happy New Year 2009! :)
After a few days where I tried out new Joomla 1.5, Joomfish and some new Modules I finally started working on the new version of Little Fighter - EMPIRE. One of the best new things will be the quicker navigation through the site with the dynamic menus. If I can do everything like I want it you will also be able register here to submit your own downloads in a extra download section for it - but you will still need to upload your stuff at filehosts. All news so far, this is more a testmessage for news, nobody will read it today, anyways.
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