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Full Version: [char] frozen [progress+release]
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(08-26-2009, 09:57 PM)YinYin Wrote: [ -> ]ps
i do not like being typed as "yin yin" or Yinyin or yin
its YinYin or yinyin
no quotations - no spaces - no cutting my name in half - and no mixed capitalization
yes siegvar you are crazy
release this frozen already - i might actually try it

Woo... you're alive! Damn I missed chatting with you on msn.

I still don't get why you have yinyin as a nickname. ITS A FREAKING GIRL'S NAME. but I think you explained it to me before.

So I figured. Damn.... well.. I'll go try and hide in a corner now. Insanity is brewing.

I still want to play yours(yinyin), and I still think your ball shooting animation needs a few more in between frames or ELSE he'll still look like he's throwing with an overhead downwards swing rather than a wave motion up to down to upward swing. This must have been the only time I'm more anal then you when it comes to getting things right.

I've missed the times when you cut my sprites to ribbons with your words.
1_rapid ice ball is a fast move when frozen summons balls that goes really fast,
2_frozen sinlong its davis's move but with freezas power it gets stronger and higher with an ice effect...
3_down punch is really usefull move when facing group of enemies to freeze them all at once!!!
4_ice impact is used to clear the way it goes trough the enemies body and freeze's him...
5_for the ice shield move its a strong attack that can block any ball and rebounds it,it consumes a lot of MP each frame so u cant stay long,the more u get hit with a ball in this stat the more ur MP stops getting low,but this move is week against julians bigball and wind and exp...
Wow can't wait playing with Frozen.
The powers are mix of Davis and ice.
Also the second move looks like a boss in Patapon 2 that he opens his moth and a huge Ice Blast that kills and freezes.
how about he stabs an ice sword in the ground and makes firzen exp without the firen expbut freeze whirlwind instead???
Well my idea is that he turns into ice sculpture and then shatters and his shatter parts turn into sharp icicles and they all fly towards the enemy.
hmmm sounds interesting. ill keep that in mind.but who in the world will dcange that?
I have no clue, maybe some one with really good experience, or some DC that had made some cool loking move that was hard to dc.
hm.. i dunno.. is that really so hard? i don't think so... i think there is more spriting work then dc work...
he could transfrom into a ball... or better more balls (or the ball spawns balls) for the ice scatters... hm.. okay i am not sure if this works and also am not sure if the char can then transfrom back but this is at least some sort of theory :)
nice ideas guys i will see what i can do..

U will see what u can do?
U cant DC i did all moves,and tried my best,but u dont appriciate my work, u r so unthankfull.

~charecter Frozen -stoped-
There will be no realese as i guess.
The Empire's Angel !
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