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Full Version: [char] frozen [progress+release]
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thnks for teh awesome ideas guys...
here is sheet_0 udate: (note: that ice shield defense is gonna probably change to something else i think)
frozen_0 (Click to View)
oh and eddie hi clothes should look like this:
[Image: frozenclothesdesign.png]
no robes on the back...
His catching frames look, stiff? Especially his grabbing hands.
And you should change the defense frames to look more... original and creative.
Like summoning icy fog?
btw frozen is soooo nice and awesome Sparta over 9000 cannot be described with words anymore...
Wish u luck in finishing it.
You'll need it.
phew. finally sheet_0 is finished. i fixed that stiff catching frame(S) and the ice shield defense too.
btw how about i make hi defence like this:
[Image: 79037358.png]
frozen_0 complete (Click to View)
also what about fire frames? i tried to do some yesterday... but not even close. any one got an experience in fire frame making?

now to start on sheet_1, the good thing about sheet_1 it has more attack frames than injury and basic frames so it will be kinda fun. so until some more progress is made...
theres actually a whole heap of burning sprite tuts in the tuts section. just spread out over time so you have to scroll through the lot
yeah i seen all those burning tut's but still flame making is kinda hard. ice frames are waay easier to do.
that arm which holds the enemy in the grabbing frames is hell damn long... you should shorten it abit, like, make the ellbow not go down that far
sequence cycled 3/1 done:
[Image: blast31.gif]
progress on the continual moves...
on the third frame his hand is way too low. let it point to the upper right, then make another frame where the arm points to the right, and then make one pointing the arm to the lower right.
hey. well thnks for those tips there bamboori. i will see what can i do about that too low arm. cuz i just copied yin yin method those ball shooting.
also here is sequence cycled 3/2:
[Image: blast32.gif]

oh and forgot to post these:
[Image: blast.png]
still have to do 3rd stances for ball shooting. i am felling kinda cranky today. so i guess i am gonna finish it tomorrow...
i's too fast
you make 4 sprite for shooting sprite and i think if i make it
i'll make 6,7 sprite ( hard ^^ )
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