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Full Version: [char] frozen [progress+release]
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ah now some corrections/criticisms
i dunno about everyone else but the mouth in running frames really bothers me
forgot wpoints in all your moves i think.
and maybe add a little dvx in the itr of punching frames so that when you do super punch, you hit the enemy because right now, i just go past the enemy
but i like it :D
Oh shat. That prince_freeza asked datas to early, so I forgot wpoints ):
Everything will be fixed (from my side, ofc)

hm? What's so wrong with it?

Thax everyone! Really much!
Simoneon Wrote:@Lauli: hm? What's so wrong with it?
Bamboori Wrote:you should definitely make your own sprites.
you already put so much effort into this char, don't destroy him with ripped projectiles.
Totally agree with that.
Other than that, an "explosion"-type of attack would surely be alot cooler too.
yeah seems that there are some complains here. so simon and i agreed to thi:
my side:
fix mouth in running frames.
make a new exp type attck instead of d^j "vortex"

simons side:
fix datas - Simoneon

the char will be updated... thank you all.
Wow, I must say, I'm impressed. Nice work you two did.
I can only agree to the things said above. Nice sprites, creative and good combo potential
Try out D>a+aaa+aaa( or alternatively dash attack)+your combo. Takes almost all your mana but does approximately 300 damage( well, rather more). Doesn't always work though.
I don't agree with what has been said about the Vortex attack. It's a great counter-attack, for example against woody's tigerdash. I wouldn't take it out. What I don't like as much is the beam though. A bit less "perfect" looking beam would be better in my eyes.
Still, awesome work. Congratz to both of you.
Edit: Yay, pwning Julian with him :D
idk i am trying to make a new attack instead of the vortex one. it goes like: frozen rises his arm and those icikles that freeze uses in lf2 sv fall from the sky on the ground.
(03-13-2010, 04:24 PM)prince_freeza Wrote: [ -> ]it goes like: frozen rises his arm and those icikles that freeze uses in lf2 sv fall from the sky on the ground.

I hope you won't simply take those sprites but make your own. Don't spoil this char with stuff that you didn't make yourself. It's like making a masterpiece and after having done 99%, you take bits from others. Don't. Please.

Also, judging from the gifs, the beam-attack looks a little static to me. Would probably better if the char is being pushed a little backwards. And, as Reaper mentioned, make the beam look a little more random; not as straight but more jaggy similar to Julian's col-attack.
k so i made icikles BY MY OWN... here they are:
[Image: icikle.png]
with some trailing sparkles they should looks fitting in game...

also thought the attack should be like this:
[Image: demob.png]

still trying to figure what kind of movement should frozen do for this attack...
What about this:
Frozen "punches" an enemy, this enemy gets "tagged" with a invisible spell. When Frozen does the move again, the tagged enemy "explodes" with these ice shards, damaging the tagged person and surrounding enemies aswell.
It can be useful in stage, as the enemies tend to be in a group, Frozen can attack the group at any distance.

but how are those shards supposed to damage the enemy? from air? or from a side?
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