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Full Version: [char] frozen [progress+release]
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Seriously. That wasn't funny at all :/

Fine, go ahead and ban me ;) ~ Blue Phoenix
Sorry man, I'm too lazy. Can't you do it by your own? - Simoneon
(02-26-2010, 06:26 PM)Bamboori Wrote: [ -> ]edit:
oh almost forgot:
[Image: bh1dv87v9caf7q9cm.png]
also it would be great to have at least one ending frame for each ball-throw.

you should totaly do what bamboo said, else it'd just ruin tha whole nice attack
That's just awesome! I love the spiky hair, keep up the great work!
yay!!finally!!it'll be completed and i know simoneon won't disapoint us!!!
simon gave me some pretty good results here... we expect to release the char in 2/3 days for sure...
So... after some work I am finished with the char Frozen.
Screenshots (.gif) above:
And here you are - the download link! >click_here<

-First of all thanks to "Steam" the original creator of the char's sketch.
-Thanks to "YinYin" for the 2 face pics and for letting me finish the project.
-Also major thanks to "Simoneon" for helping with the data.
-Big thanks to ''Lauli'' who did quite epic sounds.
-Siegvar (aka "havoc creator") for giving me a hard time + motivating me thru his criticzm for improvment.
-Thanks to all of my LFE fellow members for supporting me and giving me ideas thru the character's development.
-In case I forgot to mention anyone here "THANK YOU FOR HELPING" :D
[originaly written by prince_freeza, and edited by me]

Enjoy playing, and do not grudge some criticism&comments!
He looks awesome and his combos look cool cant wait to try it out
Whoa, looking awesome!!
If you still are open for improvement/change, then you should totally redo the D^J attack.
small review:

-awesome sprites :D
-easy combos thanks to the freezing effect
-balanced char
-quite creative attacks

-the combos can be a bit uber :P

favourite combo: d^a+a+dva+a aweomse :D

all in all one of the best chars i've played with :)
told ya simon could do a great job, well what can i say rly proud of the char, so enjoy playing.
oh btw try playing frozen and firzen together on survival crazy mod, the rule the fighting ground.
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